surf for peace is an movement to help finding the balance and freedom in oneself. Since peace is always within us it can only be found in ourselves never through an external cause. Surfing, and not only the most beautiful waves, surfing through life is an great opportunity to realise the infinity potential of happiness within everyone. I have seen so many smiling faces over the years. Many obstacles arising in every day life they take the view of being in ease away and blinding us. Its not always easy to consider them in a bigger picture and to be aware that they are not as bad as they seem. We even have problems to recognise the potential of change  they are caring for us. We as Surfers have seen lots of different countries, cultures and life styles. Also we have being in contact with poverty and suffering. I was fortunate to receive in person an anwser form a nobel eastern master. I was caring for years the question of how to help others and what the best inner state needs to be. the answer was quit simple but reaching me straight in my heart. Help as u can… no matter what.

surf for peace unites people shares ideas, teachings, and offers opportunities to help others where help is needed.  though helping other who are in need we are not helpless anymore. This kind of compassionate giving is guiding us to our source of joy and happiness witch is always within for peace   motivates and encourage you to feel free to help where ever you can. If you are currently to busy and still want to help we are font raising to support an international NGO